Ozark Spite Dolls   2 comments

Traditional burlap spite doll, made with all the proper fixins’.

2 responses to “Ozark Spite Dolls

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  1. I have done some reading on Voodoo and am facinated with the gris-gris bags, mojo bags and of course the doll. I in fact made a doll to bring love, soul mate and compassion. I used magickal herbs and a silver heart jewelry (small charm). I believe in the power of these folk art beliefs. I love your blog!

  2. oops I forgot to mention that my dad was born in Cardwell Missouri – he came to Michigan to work in the factory. His mother (a grand lady) lived in a 4 room home with outdoor facilities. Lived off her land and I can remember when we went to visit her she talked about things are not what they seem sometimes and to believe in magic. Didn’t understand her then but do now.

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