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Goomer Bible   2 comments

Bible used for Goomering and Doctoring

Each Goomer Doctor and Power Doctor keeps a Bible for religious devotions and as part of their work. In the Old Days, many families only had a family Bible, which would have been what the goomer or power doctor used. However, some were lucky enough to possess personal Bibles as well.

This particular Bible was one of two Bibles given to me by my grandmother, which makes it very special to me. This is the Bible I use for Goomering and Doctoring, and the other Bible I use for Hoodoo when practicing that art.

This Bible is a hardback copy, and as you can tell by the photograph, red in color. The red color of this Bible makes it particularly significant in many folk magic practices.

I have post-it notes on the inside cover with notations of specific verses for specific conditions – such as blood stopping, drawing rain, drawing out fever, conquering enemies, taking off spells, and other similar uses.

Any individual who wants to pursue the practice of Ozark folk magic will need a Bible that holds particular importance to them. The more special the Bible, the more effective a tool it will be, and the Bible given as a gift is the best of all, especially given by a loved one, or family member. The Bible is definitely the most important book in our folk traditions and magical practices.


Ezekiel 16:6 – to stop bleeding   Leave a comment

The Bible inspires quite a few of the verbal charms used in Ozark Folk Magic, some of which are exactly the same as those used by the Pennsylvania Dutch Brauchers.

One example is the following verse, from Ezekiel 16:6

“And when I passed by thee, and saw thee polluted in thine own blood, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live; yea, I said unto thee when thou wast in thy blood, Live.”

This charm is used in a variety of ways, generally spoke three times over the person who is suffering the bleeding. However, if the person is not present, the charm is used by speaking the person’s name before the recitation of the charm, during each recitation, while walking towards the east.


Note: This charm is recorded as part of folk lore and is not meant to be a substitution to professional Medical Assistance.

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The nature of spoken charms and cunjures   2 comments

Here in the Ozarks there have been numerous spoken incantations for stopping blood, removing fever, easy the pain of burns (called “drawin’ out farr – “fire”), wart removal, etc.

Certain of these charms come from verses in the Bible, which hold only that an individual must be a Christian to use them. However there are numerous other spoken charms, that do not come from out of the Book, which carry a taboo upon them.

The taboos often mention that a man can teach a woman, and a woman can teach a man – that the charm must cross sexes.

Another states that the charm may be taught only once, and then the power to do the charm is lost, and taken over by the individual to whom you taught the charm. Other’s state that the charm may be taught three times, and the third person to learn takes the charm. Others state it can safely be taught three times, but any more and the individual loses the charm.

You’ll notice similarities here in the spoken charm belief to Pennsylvania Dutch Braucherei, which makes total since seeing that some of our spoken charms are almost identical to those used by the Brauchers.

Any of the charms posted here will not be tabooed charms. Most will either come straight from the Bible itself, or have been previously published.  All charms here will strictly deal with those used in the Ozark regions of Missouri and Arkansas.