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Pawpaw Bottoms   2 comments

Pawpaw Bottoms, Oklahoma, which no longer exists, – the ruins of a few old buildings remain, the Church and houses long gone, is a place familiar to me, as most of my sister’s paternal family are buried in the cemetery. Up until recent years, the cemetery was surrounded by trees and swamp-like land and accessible only by a one land trail barely large enough for a car. It gave the whole area quite a mystique until the trees were hacked down, the old wrought iron fence removed, and the whole area turned into farm land. Since this was done, there has been a lot of desecration in the graveyards, especially since the family moved away.

My sister’s father is buried there, who died under questionable circumstances, and I’ve been in the habit of always accompanying my sister to his grave, for reasons that safety’s sake and length I can’t explain. Just about any given night out there, individuals are cooking dope, and I have been stopped and hassled by one policeman who definitely seemed under the effects of aforementioned substance.

But to get to the point of the whole matter – even when my sister’s father was alive, folks always came home before sunset. Dangers were never spelled out, but were understood to be normal and paranormal. Individuals have been seen conducting rituals out in the bottoms (I’ve done my fair share, but of a vastly different type), reckless youths go out to shoot random animals and objects and raise all kinds of hell, and full body apparitions have been seen on numerous occasions. I can state that I have never been to the area, especially around the cemetery, and not have had some sort of experience.

Take into account a long gone town, the cemetery, and the bodies over the year that have been dumped there, or even buried, and occult rituals; it makes for a particularly unusual place for paranormal activity.

The link at the top of this post gives a short history of the town of Pawpaw, which some of you might find of interest.