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For a Girl to get back her Lover   2 comments

From “Ozark Magic and Folklore” by Vance Randolph


“If a girl has quarreled with her lover, she may get him back by taking a needle and drawing a little blood from the third finger of her left hand. Using the needle as a pen, she writes her initials and his in blood on an ironwood chip, draws three circles around the letters, and buries the chip in the ground. The recreant boy friend will be hangin’ round again in three days, or less.”

Chicken Bone Love Charm   Leave a comment

Another clip from June 19, 1939 Life Magazine

Skull and Bible Altar   2 comments

ImageThis particular image comes from the 1939 edition of the Life Magazine; the particular image was set up by Vance Randolph, who spent many years studying and documenting our local folklore.

The set up was an exact production of a ritual Mr. Randolph reportedly saw, that was done by a girl who was witchin’ the girl who stole her man. A real human skull was placed on top of a Bible, and before it were placed two dolls – one to represent her husband and the other to represent the girl. The poppet used to represent the girl had four big nails driven into it’s back.

Turkey Bone Love Charms   Leave a comment

Here in the Ozarks, it has been a long held belief by those of us who know things, that a girl can dry and preserve turkey bones and hide them in the bedroom or car (at previous times, the carriage) of a man she fancies. The belief states that this will charm the man to become attracted only to the girl.

In the old days, a hundred years ago or so, if a man accidentally happened upon turkey bones anywhere near his property, the man would suspect a woman was trying to “cunjure” him.

So for all you love sick women, save up all the turkey bones you can come thanksgiving.