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What Ozark Folk Magic is Not   4 comments

I’ve seen a few individuals popping up, claiming ties to Ozark traditions.

This is what Ozark folk magic is NOT and how you can spot someone who isn’t truly part of these traditions.


1. Ozark Folk Magic is Christian – period. There are no other religious views involved, no paganism, nothing.

2. Grimoires, pentacles, seals of solomon – none of this appears in the folk traditions of the Ozarks. Outside of some charms, slightly altered in many cases, that can be found in the Long Lost Friend, the only book used is the Bible. As for the charms found in the Long Lost Friend – I have seen nor experienced no old practitioners who have owned this book, or heard of it – and with the slight alterations, it’s likely that the charms came here verbally, rather than with the book. I do concede, however, that at one point, SOME individuals may have had that book, but it definitely wouldn’t have been widespread.

3. The only beings invoked were the Holy Trinity, the Devil, and occasionally ghosts. No other beings – NONE

4.  Hoodoo is not an Ozark Tradition. In fact, it is even recorded that most hill folk disbelieved and even laughed at such practices – they did not believe in the efficacy of those practices, outside a small few who purchased charms from practitioners – PURCHASED but did not practice. Vance Randolph records these events, and how purchasers of such charms were laughed at.

5. Practicing a form of folk magic, and dwelling in the Ozarks, does not equate to an individual being a practitioner, knowledgeable, or in any way a part of Ozark traditions – whether esoteric or secular. It’s like placing an Obeah Man from Jamaica into Jacmel, and proclaiming his practice Haitian Vodou.

6. Ozark folk magic is not a survival of a pagan religious cult, or any other ancient cult. It is a set of practices within a Christian paradigm.


This list is small, but by reading it, an individual can deduce, by common sense, other incorrect practices or beliefs that individuals may try to pass as relating to Ozark Tradition.

Should my readers have a specific question regarding a practice, belief, etc.; feel free to comment and I will do my best to answer your questions.

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Witch Initiations and the Fallacy of Neo-Wiccans   Leave a comment

The few people to come across Ozark Folklore in the Neopagan community will notice very similarities in the lore, specifically material collected by Vance Randolph describing the “Witch Initiation.” They will automatically (and have, which a simple web search will show) declare that it is proof that their neopagan witchcraft is an ancient practice that came to America with the settlers. This is patently false, as there were no pagans in the Ozarks, outside Native American Groups.

A close look through books in Gerald Gardner’s personal library will disclose that he owned a copy of Ozark Magic and Folklore by Vance Randolph, which will completely clear up any speculations about the origin of any similar lore.

The initiations described by Randolph included the sexual initiation, naked rites, and a circle. What isn’t included when individuals grab onto this as some proof to suit their agenda is the mentioning of the Lord’s Prayer being spoken backwards, hanging the person’s clothes in the grave of an infidel, and the conjure of evil spirits and the evil dead by certain quaint old sayings. Obviously, this has nothing to do with Wicca or Neopaganism in general.

Here in the Ozarks, Witchcraft can be best described as Hillbilly Satanism; as even the few self-admitted witches recorded admitted to being “signed up with the Devil.”

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