Passing Charms Along   4 comments

I’ve a friend, she’s a dear lady, who inherited two charms – one to stop blood, the other to draw out fire; from her cousin, who got it from her aunt.

When it comes to folk magic amongst the hill folk, it’s always passed from woman to man, man to woman, never man to man or woman to woman.


This lady has no heirs, so she passed them to me. I feel really honored that her family’s charming was passed to me, especially as these particular charms I have never seen at any point ever. A true piece of folk lore.


Folks- learn from your elders, they’ve got a world of wisdom to share. Preserve it, remember it, and pass it on.

Posted August 5, 2014 by drcorbeaux in Power Doctors

4 responses to “Passing Charms Along

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  1. Yes! I wish more people would get this message of honoring, respecting and listening to our elders! Particularly young people. Growing up here in the rural Ozarks in part of the Mark Twain National Forest we were taught this sort of respect and a little hoodoo too. In Wal Mart, I say hello to every elder I come in contact with and try to help if I can. I hope my young children and other young people will learn from me. Thanks for this blog, I enjoy it very much!

    BillieJean Brown
  2. I just discovered your writings while researching Ozark charms and magics, and I have to say I’m enjoying my time reading. I hope you post more in the future.

  3. Being curious about sin eaters I found u. It’s a shame as a culture we do not honor our elders or “betters” as some say. If I could make a meager living id travel around the Americas & collect stories superstitions tales horrors wonders from all the dismissed geezers & old fogeys that’d gimme their precious time.There’s so much loss from dismissing eachother- human to human. Not only old to young

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